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Groupwise® is the district email system . You have access to the e-mail system internally and through the Internet from any computer outside of school. However, in order to access e-mail from outside of school, you must set up an email password.

Internal Use Edit

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Groupwise Login

To access your email within the school you should have a Groupwise® icon on your desktop. Double click on the icon and the Groupwise® login will appear. Initially, there

is no password to access your email system. (See setting password below) If your login box does not look like the one in the picture below, then enter the address and port number as indicated in said figure. If the port number changes upon hitting the enter key, ignore it. There are two ports for e-mail depending on the

post office you're associated with, but this will correct itself. Your login for the e-mail system is the same as your Login User name. (e.g.SmithJ) but without the leading period and the fac or sps identifiers.

Setting Passwords Edit

A password is a great idea for securing your e-mail from others as well as allowing you access to your email from outside of school. No password is predetermined for you; by default, no password is associated with your e-mail. You can create your own password by logging into Groupwise® and selecting the TOOLS menu. Inside the menu, go to the bottom and select OPTIONS. This brings up a dialogue box with six options. Double click on the SECURITY icon, and enter a new password. If you had a password and want to change it, you should first enter the old password where indicated and then the new password. Once the new password has been created, click OK. If you have forgotten your password see a technology staff member.

External Use Edit

In order gain access to your e-mail from outside school you need to go to the schools website. You can either go to and then select the Staff Bulletin Board followed by the Staff E-Mail link or simply type in Enter your login and password.