All staff have a user login name and a password for gaining access to the district’s network, including access to the Internet. Your user name is by convention the first seven (7) letter of your last name and the first initial of your first name. If your last name is shorter than seven letters then your full last name will be used with your first initial of your first name. The first time you log into your computer you will need to enter your entire login which includes your designation as faculty (fac) or

Login Screen

administration (adm) and the Sutton Public Schools identifier (sps). So the first time you log in the login should be typed (for John Smith)


Note that the user login name must be proceeded by a period(.). Administrators, secretaries and guidance staff should use the adm designation. After your profile is created then you should not have to type the full login every time. If someone else signs into your computer you may need to sign in using the full login. Passwords are determined by users, so your password should be the same as last year. We cannot retrieve your passwords, but can reset the password for you. For new staff your initial password is Sutton, upon logging in the first time you will be prompted to change your password. All staff should be aware that passwords will expire annually and you will be prompted to change them. If you ignore this prompt
three times your account is disabled. Login accounts are also disabled if you enter an incorrect password three or more times. If your account is disabled you will have to reset
your password. To reset your password go to the Middle/High School library or see technology staff.