In order set up printers you have a couple of options. For those people who have been using common printers, those are centrally located laser printers (mostly high school); you can use the IPrint web-based utility software. Those staff who have school supported/owned desktop printers may also be able to use the IPrint utility to install the appropriate drivers to use the printers.
Those staff with personal printers or non-IPrint supported printers will have to load the drivers manually from the manufacturer’s website. If you are not comfortable with this process then you should submit a request via the technical support email system.

Using iPrint Edit


Install iPrint

In order to use the IPrint web-based utility you will need to first download the Client to your desktop computer. Open the web browser that you want use. The new image on your computer gives you the option of using Internet Explorer from Microsoft or Mozilla Firefox. Either browser will work. Instead of typing in a typical www address type in the following IP address (Do not use www or http) then press the ENTER key. This will bring up the page shown below.

Install iPrint Client Edit

This will cause the client software to load to your computer. Once the client software is loaded you can scroll down through the printers listed to select the appropriate printer to print to. Elementary printers are by classroom number and middle/secondary are by common printer name and/or location. Simply select the underlined link and the appropriate drives and necessary software will be setup for you to print to that printer. Once this process is complete, test to make sure you are able to print.

Printer Troubleshooting Edit

If you have downloaded the necessary drivers, but it is not printing check to make sure you downloaded the drivers and software for the appropriate operating system for your desktop computer. If you downloaded Windows2000 drivers it will likely not print correctly or at all. Also check to see if printer cables are connected. Again, any problems use the tech support email for assistance.

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